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SAMPRA Licensed Mobile Disco

SAMRO Licensed Mobile Disco




Hire PA Systems, Microphones and AV Systems for conferences, Announcements, Product Launches, Fashion Shows and Sport Events.


It will give your event a professional look and feel.

The sound can be spread over the area or it can be directed from one end.

The set up can be change to accommodate your event and venue.

Different Zones could be set up for various sound levels at the same event.

Different Systems could be used at the same venue or event for various applications.

Various Sound and Video sources could be plugged in at the same time making switching between them easy.

Normal room light does not have an effect on the picture.

CD Player and 2 Microphones included as part of Standard Setup.

One Supplier for DJ, Sound, Light, AV and IT requirements.

IT support onsite at your conference.

Have a Party / Dance after your conference, DJ already on-site



We can cater for small areas such as 10m?.

We can also set up for bigger events covering 10000m?.

2-8 Speaker system in one Zone.

4-16 Speaker system split in two Zones.

6-24 Speakers connected in 3 Zones.

Up to 5 Zones can be set up.

We can set up 5 complete working systems for various applications at one venue or event.

Mobile Indoor Big Screen System. 4m x 3m visual size capable.

Can do Front, Rear or Ceiling Mounted Projection.

The system can be supported by DVD Players, Video Players and Computer Equipment.

Mobile Screen. 2m x 1.5m for the more casual event. Hang against a wall or floor standing.



Pricing might vary depending on the Function, Requirements and Location.

Accommodation = Not included. Depending on Location and Availability. (to be added to quote where needed)

The price Quoted is the price you pay, NO hidden or additional costs.

Wedding & Function DJ Quotation 

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